How To Make Phonecalls With Siri

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Siri can handle your phonecalls like a true digital secretary should. After having spent some time defining your relationships in the Contacts application, making calls on your iPhone even gets easier. Then you can say things like “call my sister at work”, or “call my mother-in-law on her cell”. This really beats having to go through your Contacts app every time you’d like to make a call. Faster calls with Siri!

How To Make Phonecalls With Siri

Let’s give Dana a call.

Let’s say we’re unaware of what phone numbers we have of her in our Contacts app.

You say:

“Call Dana.”

Siri says:

Choose the number you’d like Siri to use by saying “mobile” or “work”.

You can manually choose the number by tapping on your phone’s screen.

Siri will make the call and that’s all there is to that.

How To Make Phonecalls With Siri Efficiently

Let’s give Dana a call at work this time.

You say:

“Call Dana at work.”

Siri says:

How To Send SMS And iMessages With Siri

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With Siri, you can send SMS messages and free iMessages if you and the person you are texting both have an Apple ID. But texting while driving is a real bad idea. It’s an even worse idea if you have iMessage and Siri on your iPhone and you’re not using it! Knowing how to send SMS and iMessages with Siri makes driving in your car a lot safer. Here’s how to properly text while driving, and keep your eyes on the road.

How To Text A Single Contact With Siri

Provided that the person is in your Contacts app,

You say:

“Send a message to Dana Templeton.”
“Text Dana Templeton.”

Siri says:

How To Text A Single Contact With Siri Efficiently

By dictating to Siri, you can give commands much more efficiently.

You say:

“Text Dana Templeton and tell her I love you exclamation mark. I will be home in 30 minutes.”

Siri says:

How To Text Multiple Contacts With Siri

Sending group messages is entirely possible with Siri.

Tell Siri:

“Send a message to Dana and Alicia.”

Siri replies:

How To Text To A Phone Number With Siri

If the contact you’d like to send a message to isn’t in your address book, you can send a text to a regular phonenumber.

You say:

“Send a text message to 717-722-1963.”

Siri replies:

How To Check For New Messages With Siri

To see if you have any new messages,

Tell Siri:

“Any new messages from Dana?”
“Any new text messages?”
“Any new messages?”

If Siri found a new message for you, it will tell you from who it is and read the new message to you.
At that point, you can either reply or have Siri read it again.

How To Use The Mail App With Siri

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As new email comes in throughout the day, there are moments where you’d wish managing email was a hands-free process. That moment has arrived now that Siri easily manages basic functions of the mail app in iOS. It can check your mail for new messages, check for new email from a specific person in your contacts. Siri helps you find existing mail messages in your inbox, and you can have Siri compose new mail messages for you, and send it to a single or multiple persons in your contacts. Below are some tips on what to tell Siri to have it handle mail in iOS.

How To Check For New Mail With Siri

Tell Siri:

“Check my email.”
“Any new mail messages?”
“Any new messages from my mother?”
“Any new email from Apple today?”

How To Reply To Mail Messages With Siri

Once Siri is showing you all new mail messages in your inbox, telling Siri to “reply” will make you reply to that latest message. If Siri has found a message from a specific person, telling Siri to “reply” will make you reply to that specific message. See the tips under “Composing a New Email Message” below for more.

How To Find Email Messages With Siri

Ask Siri:

“Did my brother send me any email?”
“Find email from Apple.”
“Show the email from my father yesterday.”

How To Compose New Email Messages With Siri

Tell Siri:

“New email to Vincent.”
“Email the office about the bill.”
“Mail my brother about the family reunion.”
“Email my wife and say I love you.”
“Mail my brother and sister about the barbecue.”

Once you start composing your new mail message:

  • Say “new line” to begin the next sentence of your message on a new line.
  • Say “question mark” at the end of a sentence to insert a question mark.
  • Say “exclamation mark” to add an exclamation mark.
  • Say “change subject” to change the subject of the message.
  • Say “change message” to change the message.

Checking Prices In The Apple Store App With Siri

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Once you have installed Apple’s own Apple Store app on your iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, you can check out prices of Apple products by asking Siri. You can only check out the prices of Apple’s flagship products, like the Macbook Air, iPod Touch and iMac. Mysteriously enough, asking for the price of a new Mac Pro doesn’t make siri launch the Apple Store app…

You can ask Siri to go buy you a new iPad but fortunately, that command will only open up the Apple Store app. Nothing else will happen. Imagine the consequences if Siri actually would perform that task!

To check prices for Apple gear,

Ask Siri:

“How much does a new mac mini cost?”
“How much for a new Macbook Pro?”
“The new iPod Touch, how much is it?”
“How about a new iPad?”
“Buy me a new Macbook Air.”

How To Make Reminders With Siri

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Siri can make new reminders. If you’d like, these reminders can be location based once you’ve told Siri about your relationships. Siri can find your reminders, and you can make lists with the Reminders app just as well. To get you started, have a look at the list of commands you can use to get you up and running.

How To Make Reminders With Siri

Here are some examples:

“Remind me to call the doctor in one hour.”
“Remind me to email my brother about the party.”
“Remind me to tell my wife how to use Siri.”

How To Make Location Based Reminders With Siri

“Remind me the alarm code has changed when I get back home.”
“Remind me to turn off the oven when I leave home.”
“Remind me to say happy birthday when I get to my mother in law’s house.”

How To Find Reminders With Siri

“Show me all reminders.”
“Show me completed reminders.”
“Show me the reminders for October.”
“Find reminders about doctor.”
“Siri, any reminders today?”
“Any reminders for this week?”

How To Make Lists In The Reminders App With Siri

Another cool way to use the Reminders app is to make reminder lists. The only drawback is that for now, creating a new list will have to be done by hand; Siri can’t create reminder lists for you yet. Once you’ve made a new reminder list and you’ve given it a name, you do get to ask Siri to add items to your reminder list. This makes it easy to make a shopping list, a workout schedule, or a to do list where you can check off the items you have completed.

How To Creating a Reminder List With Siri

To make a new reminder list, open the Reminders app in iOS 6.

  • Tap on the top left icon to view your lists.
  • Tap ‘Create New List…’
  • Give your new reminder list a name.
  • Tap ‘Done’.

How To Add Items To a Reminder List With Siri

When you’re done making a new reminder list by hand, Siri can add items to that list.

Tell Siri:

“Siri, add 50 pushups to my workout list.”
“Add don’t forget to stretch to my workout list.”

The resulting workout list:

You can check off completed reminders by hand in the Reminders app. Siri can’t do that for you, yet. Once checked off, the completed reminder will appear under ‘Completed’.

Easy does it!

How To Post On Facebook With Siri

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You can now post on Facebook with Siri, as the social app has been integrated deeper into iOS 6. With over a billion Facebook users worldwide, hundreds of millions of users will keep in touch with their friends with the Facebook app on their iPhone or other iOS device. Soon, millions of those people will be updating their Facebook status using Siri. Although Siri’s Facebook skills are still fairly limited, you can expect Siri to be able to post pictures on your timeline, give information about your Facebook friends, find people on Facebook, and send your friends messages in the near future as the integration process of Facebook into iOS has probably only just begun.

Before you can use Siri to manage your social network, you’ll need to enter your Facebook account details in Settings.

How To Post On Facebook With Siri

Here are some suggestions for what to tell Siri.

You say:

“Post on Facebook with Siri I can now update my timeline.”
“Write on my wall I know how to post on Facebook with Siri.”
“Facebook status I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6. Wow.”
“Update my Facebook status I am having a bad case of the flu.”

Siri says:

How To Make Calendar Events With Siri

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Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on your calendar once in a while. Siri can add events to that calendar. You can ask Siri for information about those events, and have it make changes to the events you’ve made. Below are tips on what commands to use to manage your calendar with Siri. Don’t forget to live in the present!

How To Add Events To Calendar With Siri

You say:

“Set up a conference call at 3 PM.”
“Set up lunch with Marc at 4.15″
“New appointment with Jackie this Friday.”
“Family reunion next Saturday.”

How To Change Calendar Events With Siri

“Move tomorrow’s lunch appointment to Sunday.”
“Move my 1 PM meeting to 4 PM.”
“Reschedule the family reunion to October 28th.”
“Set up a book club event at 8 PM tomorrow.”
“Add my sister to tomorrow’s book club event.”
“Cancel the family reunion event.”

How To Find Calendar Events With Siri

“Show me tomorrow’s schedule.”
“What does the rest of my week look like?”
“Show me tomorrow night’s events.”
“Show me my appointments for September 14th.”
“Where will my next meeting be?”
“How many appointments will I have in October?”
“How many appointments will I have next year?”
“Show me all events with Jason.”

Finding Contacts And Contact Information With Siri

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Siri helps you find contacts and information about them, enabling you to look up their addresses, find people by first name, last name and nickname. You can ask Siri about people’s birthdays and other information you filled in in the Contacts app in iOS 6. Siri also lets you define your relationships with members of your family like your father and mother. Below are some tips on what to ask Siri to have it retrieve information from your address book.

How To Find Contact Information With Siri

You say:

“What’s my brother’s address?”
“When’s my sister’s birthday?”
“What’s my sister’s email?”
“What’s my father’s homepage?”

How To Find Contacts With Siri

You say:

“Show my brother.”
“Where does Claire live?”
“Where does Marc work?”
“Find people named Johnson.”

How To Define Relationships With Siri

You say:

“Angelina Brody is my mother.”
“Call me Master Of The Universe.”
“You should call me Buddy.”
“Who is Jody Kimmel?”

How To Make Notes With Siri In iOS 6

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Making and managing notes with the Notes app in iOS 6 has become a hands-free process thanks to Siri. Siri can make new notes for you, make notes to self, add text to existing notes, show all of your notes, and find specific notes based on note content and date. When making a list, using the Notes app is a great alternative to using the Reminder app, where lists still have to be made by hand. Below are some tips on what commands to use to make notes with Siri.

How To Make Notes With Siri

You say:

“New Note.”
“Siri, make a new note.”
“New note called summer.”
“Make a new note about my Christmas shopping list.”

How To Add Items To Existing Notes With Siri

After making a note, you can easily add items to it.

You say:

“Add iPod Touch to the note called Christmas shopping list.”
“Add tomatoes to the groceries note.”

How To Make Notes To Self With Siri

When you quickly need to make a note about something that’s just popped into your head, Siri can help you out.

You say:

“Note to self: I’m such a handsome dude.”
“Note to self: is an nice website.”
“Note to self: make sure to check out those new cameras on Amazon.”

How To Find Notes With Siri

Siri can search your notes based on content and date.

You say:

“How many notes do I have?”
“Find the notes about Christmas.”
“Find the notes I made yesterday.”
“Find my Christmas notes.”
“Search for notes about holiday.”
“Find the notes I made on September 14th.”

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