How To Post On Facebook With Siri

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You can now post on Facebook with Siri, as the social app has been integrated deeper into iOS 6. With over a billion Facebook users worldwide, hundreds of millions of users will keep in touch with their friends with the Facebook app on their iPhone or other iOS device. Soon, millions of those people will be updating their Facebook status using Siri. Although Siri’s Facebook skills are still fairly limited, you can expect Siri to be able to post pictures on your timeline, give information about your Facebook friends, find people on Facebook, and send your friends messages in the near future as the integration process of Facebook into iOS has probably only just begun.

Before you can use Siri to manage your social network, you’ll need to enter your Facebook account details in Settings.

How To Post On Facebook With Siri

Here are some suggestions for what to tell Siri.

You say:

“Post on Facebook with Siri I can now update my timeline.”
“Write on my wall I know how to post on Facebook with Siri.”
“Facebook status I just upgraded my iPhone to iOS 6. Wow.”
“Update my Facebook status I am having a bad case of the flu.”

Siri says:

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