How To Make Siri Tones On OS X Mountain Lion

Here you’ll find a step by step guide on how to make custom Siri tones for iPhone or other iOS device. It can easily be done in OS X Mountain Lion, even though the option to make custom tones has been removed from iTunes 10. By making your own Siri Tones, you can have Siri announce there’s a new phone call coming in. By assigning a Siri tone to specific people in your contacts, you can customize this even further. You can also have Siri announce there’s a new Text Message, Voicemail, and Mail message. Siri can also tell you a Mail message, Tweet or Facebook post has been sent, and Calendar and Reminder alert sounds can be turned into something spoken by the voice of Siri.

Creating Custom Siri Tones

Step 1 – Type What Siri Should Say

Open Textedit, type something you’d like Siri to say, and highlight the text.

Step 2 – Add Siri Tone To iTunes

In the Finder menu, under TextEdit, select ‘Services’, then select ‘Add Spoken Track To iTunes’.

Step 3 – Choosing Siri’s Voice

Type in a name for the audio file, and remember the name so you can search for it later in iTunes. Under System Voice, choose Samantha, the voice of Siri on OS X. No matter what folder you choose, the audio file will be added to your iTunes library.

Step 4 – Find Audio File In iTunes

Open iTunes, select your music library, and find the audio file that was just imported.

Step 5 – Rename The Audio File

Drag the file from iTunes to your Desktop. Rename the file extension of the audio file to m4r.

Step 6 – Confirm

Confirm renaming the file extension to m4r.

Step 7 – Delete The Original

You may want to delete the file from iTunes. You won’t need it anyway. If you use iCloud, delete the audio file from there too.

Step 8 – Viewing Your Tone In iTunes

Drag the renamed audiofile from your Desktop to iTunes. In iTunes, select your Tones.

Step 9 – Assign Your Siri Tone

The final step is to sync your iPhone with iTunes , either over WiFi or by cable. Once synced, head over to Settings > Sounds > Text Tone (in this case). Scroll down to your Ringtones and select the Siri tone you have just created. Have fun with your custom Siri tones!

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