How To Turn On Siri On iPhone

Did you activate Siri? On a brand new iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, Siri will be turned off by default. A lot of people are unaware of this, and quickly get disappointed after holding down the home button on their iPhone waiting for Siri to respond. Before you can use Siri, you will have to turn on the virtual assistant in the Settings screen of your new gadget.

To turn on Siri on iPhone, navigate to Settings > General > Siri


Turn to Siri on or off, tap or slide the button with your finger.


Out of a total of 9 languages, choose the language you’d like to use to talk to Siri. There are 4 types of English to choose from.

Voice Feedback

Choose “Always”, or “Handsfree”.

My Info

This is where you choose yourself in contacts, so Siri knows who you are and where you live.

Raise To Speak

Turn this on if you’d like to be able to raise your iPhone like you would during a phone call to talk to Siri.

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