How To Search The Web With Siri

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Instead of using Safari on iOS 6, you can search the web by voice with Siri. By using the right commands, searching can be done on multiple search engines – even more than Safari currently offers. Depending on how you ask Siri to do a web search, it will search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha. What more could you ask for? Making Siri Search on Twitter works too. Have a look at some tips on how to search the web with Siri below.

Searching On Google

To make Siri search on Google:

Tell Siri:

“Search for iOS 6.”
“Google Shakespeare.”
“Do a search for the new iPad.”
“Search the web for the iPhone 5.”

Searching Images On Google

Siri can search for images on Google too.

Ask Siri:

“Search for Megan Fox on Google Images.”
“Search for Megan Fox images on Google.”
“Google a picture of The Black Eyed Peas.”

Searching On Yahoo

If you need to specifically search on Yahoo’s search engine:

You say:

“Search Yahoo for Michael Jackson.”
“Do a Yahoo search for Barack Obama.”
“Search for movie reviews on Yahoo.”
“Search for a picture of Justin Bieber on Yahoo.”

Searching On Bing

Yes, you can search the web with Siri on Bing too!

You say:

“Bing Bill Gates”.

Searching On Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is deeply integrated with Siri. In iOS 6, there is no more need to initiate a search by starting your query with ‘Wolfram.’ Siri senses what your asking for and as soon as your question gets the least bit scientific, Wolfram Alpha will return the answer.

To make Siri search on Wolfram Alpha,

Ask Siri:

“What is the distance from the Earth to The Moon?”
“What notes are in the C major scale?”
“Who was the fourth president of the United States?”
“How many calories are in a bag of potato chips?”
“How much is a 1% tip on a 65 Dollar bill?”
“How much for a gallon of gas in New York City?”

Searching On Wikipedia

When the answers Wolfram Alpha returns get a little too scientific and you’d like a longer read on a subject, you can make Siri do a Wikipedia search.

You tell Siri:

“Search Wikipedia for the speed of light.”
“Search for the speed of light on Wikipedia.”

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