How To Use Siri As Your Movie Guide

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Let’s all go to the movies with Siri!

All we have to do do is flip out our favorite smartphone and let Siri be our go-to movie guide. Siri can tell you about local showtimes, and showtimes in places you may be going to. It knows about movies themselves, who played in them, who directed them. Ask Siri for movie ratings? Future releases ? No problem. To top it off, Siri even knows what movies are about, sometimes even showing the plot synopsis in its own witty way. Just imagine having Siri on your Apple TV!

Ask Siri what movies are playing near you

Ask Siri:

“What movies are playing.”
“What movies are playing near me.”

Ask Siri what movies are playing somewhere else

Tell Siri:

“What movies are playing in New York City.”
“Show me movies for Chicago.”
“Any science fiction movies playing in Houston?”

Ask Siri about new releases

Ask Siri:

“What movies will be released this month?”
“What movies are coming out this week in Houston.”
“Any romantic movies being released this week?”

Ask Siri about general movie information

Ask Siri:

“Who directed Fight Club?”
“Who starred in it?”
“What was the best movie in 2008?”
“In which movies did Angelina Jolie play?”

Ask Siri for movie reviews

Ask Siri:

“Give me a review for The House I Live In.”
“Is the movie Paranormal Activity any good?”

Ask Siri what movies are about

Ask Siri:

“What is Toy Story about?”
“What is the movie Alien about?”
“What is Inception about?”

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