How To Get Sports Scores With Siri

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Attention sports fans, get your iOS device out. Siri is an ace at getting you the latest sports scores of your favorite team. Currently Siri can get scores for NFL football, college football, basketball, baseball, (international) soccer, and hockey. Your iPhone assistant will give you the scores, rosters, and stats you need – including player stats. Missed a game for a reason, forgot the name of the player of the season? Don’t sweat, Siri will help you keep score.

Checking Sports Scores

To get game scores, sometimes it’s wise to add the city too (NY Giants, SF Giants). It’s also possible to ask Siri for scores and standings in soccer leagues.

Tell Siri:

“Hey how about those Cowboys?”
“How did the Yankees do last week?”
“Give me an update on NFL.”
“Give me an update the American League”
“Give me an update on college football.”
“Show me the standings in the Premier League.”
“How is Barcelona doing?”

Check Out Game Rosters

Whenever you ask Siri when or what time a game will be, it will show you a game roster.

Tell Siri:

“Who do the Cowboys play next?”
“When will the next San Francisco Giants game be?”
“What time will the Giants game be tonight?”
“When is the next 49ers game?”

Check Out Team Stats

Tell Siri:

“How many games did the Giants lose this year?”
“Who plays in the New York Yankees?”
“Are there any injuries for the New York Giants?”

Check Out Player Stats

When asking Siri for player stats, note that you can often follow up on the question you started out with.

Tell Siri:

“Who is Eric Chavez?”
“How old is Eric Chavez?”
“How tall is Lionel Messi?”
“How many times did he score?”

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