Siri And Privacy

User Data: What Siri Knows About You

Does using Siri raise privacy concerns? What about Siri and privacy? According to Apple, when you are using Siri to ask questions, or when you are using the dictation feature of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to turn speech into text, everything you say and dictate will be recorded and sent to Apple’s servers in order to process your voice data. Your iPhone will also send out other information, such as your first name, nickname, and the names, nicknames, and relationship with you of your address book contacts (e.g. “my brother”.)

When you ask Siri to play music, those song titles that are in your iTunes library will also be stored on the servers. Even related diagnostic data, such as hardware and operating system specifications and performance statistics, will also be stored. All this data is called your User Data. This data is used to help Siri recognize what you say, and make Siri get better over time.

Turning Off Location Services

If you have Location Services turned on, the location of your iPhone at the time of making a request will be sent to Apple. This way, Siri will get better at improving the accuracy of its response to your location-based requests (“What’s the weather for tomorrow?”). These Location Services for Siri can be turned off in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Siri.

Turn Off Siri

When you turn off Siri, Apple will delete your User Data, as well as your recent voice input data. Older voice input data that has been disassociated from you may be retained for a period of time to generally improve Siri and other Apple products and services.

Restrict Using Siri

You can restrict the ability to use Siri under Settings > General > Restrictions.

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