Checking Prices In The Apple Store App With Siri

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Once you have installed Apple’s own Apple Store app on your iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, you can check out prices of Apple products by asking Siri. You can only check out the prices of Apple’s flagship products, like the Macbook Air, iPod Touch and iMac. Mysteriously enough, asking for the price of a new Mac Pro doesn’t make siri launch the Apple Store app…

You can ask Siri to go buy you a new iPad but fortunately, that command will only open up the Apple Store app. Nothing else will happen. Imagine the consequences if Siri actually would perform that task!

To check prices for Apple gear,

Ask Siri:

“How much does a new mac mini cost?”
“How much for a new Macbook Pro?”
“The new iPod Touch, how much is it?”
“How about a new iPad?”
“Buy me a new Macbook Air.”

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