Finding Contacts And Contact Information With Siri

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Siri helps you find contacts and information about them, enabling you to look up their addresses, find people by first name, last name and nickname. You can ask Siri about people’s birthdays and other information you filled in in the Contacts app in iOS 6. Siri also lets you define your relationships with members of your family like your father and mother. Below are some tips on what to ask Siri to have it retrieve information from your address book.

How To Find Contact Information With Siri

You say:

“What’s my brother’s address?”
“When’s my sister’s birthday?”
“What’s my sister’s email?”
“What’s my father’s homepage?”

How To Find Contacts With Siri

You say:

“Show my brother.”
“Where does Claire live?”
“Where does Marc work?”
“Find people named Johnson.”

How To Define Relationships With Siri

You say:

“Angelina Brody is my mother.”
“Call me Master Of The Universe.”
“You should call me Buddy.”
“Who is Jody Kimmel?”

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