How To Check Out Financial Markets With Siri

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On your iOS device, it’s a breeze to check out financial markets with Siri. Siri can find you stock quotes, market indices, market caps of a companies, P/E ratios for stocks, and ticker symbols. Although you can ask Siri to show you a chart of a given company, Siri will only return one day charts. All data will be provided by Yahoo Finance. Beginning your question with the word “Wolfram” will force Siri to search on Wolfram Alpha, giving you access to even more detailed financial information.

How To Get Market Updates With Siri

For a quick update on how the markets in general are doing in the US, Siri can give you a summary with quotes for the Dow Jones Industrial, The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq.

Tell Siri:

“Give me a stock market update.”
“How are the markets doing?”
“Check the markets.”

Siri says:

How To Check Stock Prices With Siri

You can ask Siri for individual stock quotes by using the company name, or the ticker symbol, as long as you make sure you clearly spell out the letters.

You say:

“How is Apple doing?”
“How is AAPL doing?”.

Siri says:

How To Check P/E Ratios With Siri

Siri can find the price earnings ratio of an individual stock. Knowing this ratio lets you compare the price of a stock to the market or industry in general.

You tell Siri:

“P/E Yahoo.”
“Get the P/E ratio for Microsoft.”
“What is Google’s P/E?”
“What is the P/E ratio for GM?”

Siri says:

How To Check Market Indices With Siri

Siri can find international major market indices too.

Ask Siri:

“How is the French stock market doing?”
“How’s the Japanese stock market doing?”
“Hey how about the DAX?”

Siri says:

How To Check Market Capitalizations With Siri

You say:

“What’s the market cap of Facebook?”

Siri says:

How To Look Up Ticker Symbols With Siri

You say:

“What is the stock symbol for Nike?”

Siri says:

How To Force Siri To Find Financial Data On Wolfram Alpha

Ever since the release of iOS 6, queries with a scientific character will automatically be parsed by Wolfram Alpha. There is no more need to start the question with ‘Wolfram’ like in iOS 5. However, this search technique still works, and proves to be useful when you’re looking for more extensive financial data. Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

Tell Siri:

“Wolfram, Dow Jones Industrial.”

This query will return recent returns, price history, performance comparisons, correlation matrices, projections, and daily returns versus the S&P 500.

“Wolfram, Google.”

This query will return the same data on an individual stock.

“Wolfram, Apple versus Google.”

This query allows you to compare the latest trades, recent returns, relative price history, and analyst ratings of publicly traded companies.

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