How To Check The Weather With Siri

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Siri makes chit-chatting about the weather cool again. Siri can get you updates on current weather conditions, show forecasts, and check windspeeds both locally and internationally. Chances of being caught out in the rain with your snow shovel, while wearing your swimsuit have become a lot slimmer! Find some tips on how to check the weather with Siri below.

How To Check Out Local Weather With Siri

You can ask Siri many things, in many ways. Here are some examples on how to ask Siri for local weather.

You say:

“What’s the weather for today?”
“Tell me about the weather.”
“Give me a weather update.”

Siri says:

How To Check Out International Weather With Siri

Tell Siri:

“What’s the weather like in Palo Alto?”

Siri says:

How To Check Out Wind Speeds With Siri

Are you going surfing? Worried a bit about flight turbulence? Siri knows about wind speeds too.

You say:

“Is it windy in Hawaii?”

Siri says:

How To Check Out Sunrise And Sunset Times With Siri

Never again miss a good photo opportunity with Siri!

You say:

“What time will the sun rise tomorrow?”
“What time is sunset?”

Siri answers:

How To Chit-Chat About The Weather With Siri

You don’t necessarily have to check the weather with Siri all the time. You can just tell it how you feel about it.

Tell Siri:

“It’s cold.”
“I’m freezing.”
“Do I need an umbrella?”
“Should I get a snow shovel?”
“It’s really hot outside.”

Siri replies:

Rain or shine, Siri knows best.

How To Make Siri Use Temperatures In Fahrenheit Or Celsius

To make Siri give weather updates in either Celsius or Fahrenheit:

  • Open the Weather app on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the little ‘i’ in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Change the temperature to either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • Click ‘done’.

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