How To Make Calendar Events With Siri

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Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on your calendar once in a while. Siri can add events to that calendar. You can ask Siri for information about those events, and have it make changes to the events you’ve made. Below are tips on what commands to use to manage your calendar with Siri. Don’t forget to live in the present!

How To Add Events To Calendar With Siri

You say:

“Set up a conference call at 3 PM.”
“Set up lunch with Marc at 4.15″
“New appointment with Jackie this Friday.”
“Family reunion next Saturday.”

How To Change Calendar Events With Siri

“Move tomorrow’s lunch appointment to Sunday.”
“Move my 1 PM meeting to 4 PM.”
“Reschedule the family reunion to October 28th.”
“Set up a book club event at 8 PM tomorrow.”
“Add my sister to tomorrow’s book club event.”
“Cancel the family reunion event.”

How To Find Calendar Events With Siri

“Show me tomorrow’s schedule.”
“What does the rest of my week look like?”
“Show me tomorrow night’s events.”
“Show me my appointments for September 14th.”
“Where will my next meeting be?”
“How many appointments will I have in October?”
“How many appointments will I have next year?”
“Show me all events with Jason.”

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