How To Make Notes With Siri In iOS 6

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Making and managing notes with the Notes app in iOS 6 has become a hands-free process thanks to Siri. Siri can make new notes for you, make notes to self, add text to existing notes, show all of your notes, and find specific notes based on note content and date. When making a list, using the Notes app is a great alternative to using the Reminder app, where lists still have to be made by hand. Below are some tips on what commands to use to make notes with Siri.

How To Make Notes With Siri

You say:

“New Note.”
“Siri, make a new note.”
“New note called summer.”
“Make a new note about my Christmas shopping list.”

How To Add Items To Existing Notes With Siri

After making a note, you can easily add items to it.

You say:

“Add iPod Touch to the note called Christmas shopping list.”
“Add tomatoes to the groceries note.”

How To Make Notes To Self With Siri

When you quickly need to make a note about something that’s just popped into your head, Siri can help you out.

You say:

“Note to self: I’m such a handsome dude.”
“Note to self: is an nice website.”
“Note to self: make sure to check out those new cameras on Amazon.”

How To Find Notes With Siri

Siri can search your notes based on content and date.

You say:

“How many notes do I have?”
“Find the notes about Christmas.”
“Find the notes I made yesterday.”
“Find my Christmas notes.”
“Search for notes about holiday.”
“Find the notes I made on September 14th.”

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