How To Play Music With Siri

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Playing music with Siri is so much quicker than manually sifting through the music collection on your iOS device. With Siri, you just control the Music app on your gadget by voice. You can tell Siri to play songs by title, artist, playlist, and genre. You can ask Siri what’s currently playing, and you can shuffle albums, artists and playlists. You can find some tips on how that’s done below.

How To Play Music With Siri: Basic Controls

The basic commands to let Siri control the Music app are easy.

You say:


How To Play Songs by Title, Artist, Playlist, Genre With Siri

Siri can find and play songs by title, artist, playlist and music genre.

You say:

“Play Domino.”
“Play me a song by Rita Marley.”
“Play Bruce Springsteen.”
“Play my running playlist.”
“Play some disco.”

How To Ask Siri What Song Is Playing

If you’re wondering what song is currently playing, or what artist,

You say:

“What song was I just playing on iTunes?”
“What song is this?”
“What artist is this?”
“Show me Bruce Springsteen.”

The last command will make Siri search on Wolfram Alpha.

How To Shuffle Songs, Albums, Playlists With Siri

Siri is a star at shuffling music.

You say:

“Play me a random song.”
“Play Moon Safari shuffled.”
“Shuffle my dinner playlist.”
“Play purchased.”

How To Launch iTunes With Siri

Siri can’t purchase anything for you yet, but she can launch apps for you.

You say:

“Launch iTunes”
“Open iTunes”

Siri says:

This happens when you have several iTunes apps installed.

Respond with “iTunes”.

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