How To Make Reminders With Siri

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Siri can make new reminders. If you’d like, these reminders can be location based once you’ve told Siri about your relationships. Siri can find your reminders, and you can make lists with the Reminders app just as well. To get you started, have a look at the list of commands you can use to get you up and running.

How To Make Reminders With Siri

Here are some examples:

“Remind me to call the doctor in one hour.”
“Remind me to email my brother about the party.”
“Remind me to tell my wife how to use Siri.”

How To Make Location Based Reminders With Siri

“Remind me the alarm code has changed when I get back home.”
“Remind me to turn off the oven when I leave home.”
“Remind me to say happy birthday when I get to my mother in law’s house.”

How To Find Reminders With Siri

“Show me all reminders.”
“Show me completed reminders.”
“Show me the reminders for October.”
“Find reminders about doctor.”
“Siri, any reminders today?”
“Any reminders for this week?”

How To Make Lists In The Reminders App With Siri

Another cool way to use the Reminders app is to make reminder lists. The only drawback is that for now, creating a new list will have to be done by hand; Siri can’t create reminder lists for you yet. Once you’ve made a new reminder list and you’ve given it a name, you do get to ask Siri to add items to your reminder list. This makes it easy to make a shopping list, a workout schedule, or a to do list where you can check off the items you have completed.

How To Creating a Reminder List With Siri

To make a new reminder list, open the Reminders app in iOS 6.

  • Tap on the top left icon to view your lists.
  • Tap ‘Create New List…’
  • Give your new reminder list a name.
  • Tap ‘Done’.

How To Add Items To a Reminder List With Siri

When you’re done making a new reminder list by hand, Siri can add items to that list.

Tell Siri:

“Siri, add 50 pushups to my workout list.”
“Add don’t forget to stretch to my workout list.”

The resulting workout list:

You can check off completed reminders by hand in the Reminders app. Siri can’t do that for you, yet. Once checked off, the completed reminder will appear under ‘Completed’.

Easy does it!

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