How To Tweet With Siri In iOS 6

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One of many tricks Siri has up its sleeve in iOS 6 is the ability to tweet on Twitter. Finally it’s here, the power to tweet with Siri! After composing your tweet, you have the option to add your location. You can make Siri search for hashtags so you can search for topics, making the Siri and Twitter combo a great way of getting the latest news quickly and without any typing. What doesn’t work yet is asking Siri about your followers, how many you have, or any other information about your Twitter profile. You can find some tips on how to use Twitter with Siri below.

Be aware that in order to tweet with Siri, you’ll first need to fill out your Twitter account details in Settings.

How To Tweet With Siri

To post a tweet on Twitter,

Tell Siri:

“OMG I just learned how to tweet with Siri exclamation mark”

Siri says: how to tweet with siri

How To Tweet With Location With Siri

Before sending out your tweet, say “add location” if you’d like to add your location to the tweet.
For this to work, Location Services will have to be activated on your iOS device.

How To Send Tweets With Hashtags With Siri

What would Twitter be without hashtags?

Siri understands what they are, and you can add them to your tweet. In fact, you can add multiple!

You say:

“Twitter I can’t believe the battery life of my new iPhone hashtag iPhone hashtag Apple.”

Siri says:

How To Search For Hashtags On Twitter With Siri

On Twitter, you can have Siri search for hashtags or keywords. To search for hashtags,

Tell Siri:

“Search Twitter for hashtag Apple”.

Siri says:

Need suggestions on who to follow on Follow Friday?

Just say:

“Search Twitter for hashtag F F”.

Happy tweeting with Siri!

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