Siri Future Features – What You Can’t Ask Siri Yet

It’s inevitable: Once you start using Siri, you start dreaming about Siri future features, and you will rapidly realize that the future of Siri will depend on many factors that are outside the realm of its creator. Third-party cloud services and social services like Facebook and Twitter will have to open their doors to the user data they have collected. That battle has only just begun. Nonetheless, below are some ideas on what you cannot ask Siri yet, but hopefully will be able to ask your digital secretary in the not too far away future.

Siri Future Features – What To Ask?

OS X Applications

  • “Siri, open a new Pages document using the brochure template. Copy the message body from the last email I got from the office. Save the Pages document as a draft in my Documents folder.”
  • “Siri, look up travel tips for Venice on the New York Times website. Add them to my reading list and remind me to read them when I wake up tomorrow morning.”
  • “Siri, new event called driving to Las Vegas on November 13th. Mail me the directions including a list of all gas stations along the highway.”
  • “Siri, post 5 random pictures of me on my Facebook timeline. Remove the location data.”

Apple App Store

  • “Siri, show me 5 games in the App Store under $5 that are suitable for children.”
  • “Siri, notify me when the price for Call of Duty Black Ops drops to $15.”

Financial Markets

  • “Siri, look up 5 stocks in the S&P with the lowest P/E ratio. Email them to my broker.”
  • “Siri, show me the 1 year chart for Apple and tell me how many times did it break $700 on the upside?”
  • “Siri, who made the chip that’s in the iPhone 5? What’s the market cap of that company?”
  • “Siri, next time Euro Dollar breaks 1.30 send me an iMessage.”

Siri And Your Music

  • “Siri, make a playlist of all songs I purchased on iTunes in 2007. Send me a copy of the tracklist.”
  • “Siri, send a 20$ iTunes Gift Card to my nephew on his birthday.”
  • “Siri, make a playlist of 15 jazz songs from the 60′s. But no Tony Bennett. Play it over Airplay during tonight’s dinner event.”
  • “Siri, who played piano on the track that’s playing now? What other songs did he play on?”
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