Where Does Siri Get All That Data?

Where does Siri get its information? It couldn’t help you the way it currently can by searching the web alone, thereby relying on Google mostly. As smaller companies like Yelp or Opentable are specializing in building databases of information about segments such as restaurants (location, reservations), movies (reviews, cast, ticket reservations) and sports (game schedules, player stats), Apple Inc. has been smart enough to team up with these third-party companies throughout the years, to be able to offer better (local) service on these subjects and make Siri’s future a lot brighter at the same time. Below is an overview of those companies, sorted by category. Expect this list to significantly grow larger in the coming years.

Siri’s Data Sources – An Overview

Search Business Events Movies Factual Data
Google Opentable Eventful Rotten Tomatoes Wolfram Alpha
Yahoo Yahoo Local Stubhub Movietickets Bing Answers
Bing Gayot Livekick New York Times Evi
Wikipedia Citysearch Wikipedia
Wolfram Alpha BooRah
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