Easy way to live health

Many people say healthy is expensive, but healthy is cheap, expensive is the pain. Therefore, it is very important for us to take precautionary precautions
Many diseases stem from the bad lifestyle of ourselves. This lifestyle consists of repeated daily activities become a habit.If we continue to do bad habits, then dangerous diseases will easily attack us

Here are some steps to lead a healthy life that we must do now

1. Knowing the state of our health right now
Surveys show almost 70% more people will change their lifestyle after experiencing illness. Are you too? This is the wrong step and you should avoid starting this second.
Checking before the illness is not only useful for health monitoring. However, it is also useful so that doctors can deal with certain diseases that might endanger you in the future.

2. Doing physical activities (sports)
Health experts recommend that we do at least 75 minutes of physical activity each week and tighten muscles for at least two days a week.There are many types of sports that can help maintain a healthy body. For example like running, gymnastics, bike relax, and so forth. Choose a fun activity as a healthy physical activity.

3. Choose the right foods
Healthy foods greatly affect the health condition of our body,Healthy food means food that has nutritional content is complete enough. Starting from the content of vitamins, protein, fiber, to minerals.
Some recommend healthy foods include:
Food sources of vitamin A
Food sources of vitamin B
Food sources of vitamin C
Food sources of vitamin D

4.Avoid bad habits
In addition to choosing the right foods, you should also start avoiding bad habits
Some bad habits that must be stopped include sm*king, drinking alc*h*l, consumption of sweet foods, fatty, and others, the above mentioned habits can make the source of disease for our bodies

5. Control stress
Our work is quite a lot of stress is inevitable, If you can not control, this kind of condition will be very easy to cause depression.To control stress actually there are many ways we can do, for example you can take free time to rilex, yoga, meditation, or even live our hobby is positive

6. Rest well and regularly
Ideally, health experts recommend that you sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. Adequate rest is the key to getting a healthy body and mind.In addition to sufficient sleep time of at least 8 hours, you also have to sleep regularly. Try to sleep and wake up with the same hours every day. It is very important that the body is better prepared when to rest and when to work.

7.Drink a lot of water
Basically our body consists of more than 80% liquid. Lack of fluid can lead to the emergence of dehydration that culminates in the disease. Before the body is sick, better fill the body fluids by increasing the consumption of water.A study at Chicago University proves that a person who consumes at least 8-10 glasses of water, they have a better immune system than those who rarely eat it. Thus, water can increase the body's immune against disease.

8. Maintain cleanliness of our environment
Bacteria and viruses cause many diseases to develop in dirty places. Regularly clean living environment can be the most powerful healthy lifestyle Start by keeping yourself clean first. For example, regular bath at least 2x a day, toothbrush after eating, cleaning the bedroom, and so forth

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